Noo Contact Form Extension Documentation

Welcome to our Profile. Grab your drink and let’s get to know each other a little! We are NooTheme (“noo” is pronounced as /nu:/ if you don’t know how). We’ve been working and creating and playing with Joomla for several years. Our team has highly skilled & experienced geeks who share passion and desire for Joomla, of bringing better work to Joomla Community. Sometimes we honestly think we’re just children playing around with work & everything to us boils down to curiosity. Work smart. Play hard. Be curious. Try new things. These are the values we respect in anything we do. We’re interested in what’s good. You ain’t different, are you? We designers and developers should always keep the users in mind when we work. Ralph Marston once said “Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude”.


NOO Contact Form  helps you to add a quick contact form to your site in a single module. Feel free to set up configuration without any trouble in default Joomla contact form component.


-  Quickly add contact form on your home page.

-  Compact and smooth installation and setup.

- Support Multiple Captcha Engine (free) so No worry about spam

- Support AJAX method

1. Download

- Step 1: You can go to Our Website

- Step 2: Find Download Extensions to download Noo Contact Form module.

2. Requirement

- Server Requiment

Noo Contact Form has following System Requirements

Apache 2.0 or above recommened Apache 2.0 or above

PHP 5.3 or above recommened PHP 5.3 or above.

MySQL 5.0.4 or above recommened MySQL or above.

Joomla 3.0 recommened Joomla 3.0 or above.

You must ensure that you have MySQL-, XML- and Zlib-Support built into your PHP. PHP should be compiled with support for https (open SSL) and URL!

PHP Safe Mode should be turned off.

- Client Requiment

Noo Contact Form can be used with most major browsers including: Internet Explorer (version 8+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera 9+ and Safari. JavaScript should be enabled.

The client/browser needs to be capable of accepting Cookies and Cookies must be enabled.

3.  Install

If you a new to Joomla, you can check our detail userguide of how to install extensions in your Joomla site. This guide shows you not only how to install extensions but also how to set up the new installed extensions.


1. Enable Module

-   Enable Module

-  Assign module to a specific position

-  Assign module to menu items

2. Global Configuration

VIDEO TUTORIAL:  This is video tutorial how to configure Noo Contact Form module: