Noo Google Map Extension Documentation

1. Introduction

This module allows you to quickly and easily add the Google Map to your Joomla 3 website. It allows you to set your address information in a HTML format on the map module with a bubble.

2. How to use

For using our NOO Maps, you need to perform these tasks step by step:

  1. Install NOO Maps

  2. Configuration

1. Preparing

  1. Download the package to your computer.

2. Installation

  1. Go to your administrator site

  2. Select “Extensions” => “Extension Manager” in the Top Menu




1. Basic Options



Your address  


Your details of the address on the map.


The latitude code of your address on the map


The longitude code of your address on the map


Set Language


Set zoom level

Map Width

The width of the map area

Map Height

The height the maps

Always Show Infowindow

Set always show infowindow



2. How to get Latitude & Longitude from Google Map


Latitude & Longitude values are taken from To get the values of these fields, go to Google Maps, enter your address on Google Map for it to show your address on the map. Then right click on your address on the map, choose What's here to get these 2 values. Detail

3. Frontend



VIDEO TUTORIAL: This is video tutorial how to configure Noo Google Map e