NooTabs Plugin Documentation

1. Introduction

Noo Tabs plugin is a Bootstrap plugin which helps you to create tabs in any position in Joomla content. It allows you to fetch items from multiple sources such as: Module Position, Module name, Article IDs, Category ID.

2. Screenshot






3. How to use

To use our NOO Tabs, you need to perform these tasks step by step:

  1. Install NOO Tabs

  2. Configuration

We also have Examples to provide some useful tricks to use our NOO Tabs.



1. Preparing

  1. Download the package to your computer.

2. Installation

  1. Go to your administrator site

  2. Select “Extensions” => “Extension Manager” in the Top Menu



  1. In "Upload Package File" block, please Upload & Install the following extension:

  2. plg_nootabs (Choose the exact version that matches your Joomla version: 3.0). This is REQUIRED


1. Basic Options




2. 5 ways to use the plugin Noo Tabs

Use Noo Tabs with Articles

  1. Type = modules (module position)

{nootabs type="modules" module="position-7"}{/nootabs}

  1. Type = module (specific modules name)

{nootabs type="module" modulename="mod_menu, mod_login"} {/nootabs}

  1. Type = articles (specific article id)

{nootabs type="articles" ids="25, 26, 27" view="introtext"} {/nootabs}

  1. Type = articles (specific category id)

{nootabs type="articles" catid="55" view="introtext"} {/nootabs}

Use Noo Tabs with module Custom HTML

Please follow these steps:

3. Tips

In case of 2.1.1 and 2.1.2: you can only select modules assigned in the same menu with article which is using this plugin. 

VIDEO TUTORIAL: This is video tutorial how to configure Noo Tabs plugin