How To Install Quickstart Guide

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In this thread, we will show you step by step instruction of how to Joomla  Quickstart package

What is Quickstart ?

Quickstart package is a full website package that includes: templates, extensions, database, images ... and once you install the quickstart successfully, you will have a complete website that is exactly same as our Demo (in Quickstart, we use blank image due to copyrights).

For each template, we provide multiple Quickstart packages based on its Joomla versions compatability. If a template is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x then each Joomla version will has a quickstart package.

Once you are in the download page of a template, you will see the quickstart packages, select and download theme


And here is the step by step guide to use Quickstart installation


Step 4: For the rest step of installing Quickstart, please watch the video below:

This is video tutorial how to install quickstart NooTheme template